Patient Sign-in Forms

Each patient can now sign in confidentially by competing for the next available line and removing the number and can then be called by name or number.


  • Anyone who must be HIPAA compliant by providing a confidential way to sign in.


  • Healthcare


  • EDP Perm label - 17# self-contained paper
  • Small tag with a number, so a number is called instead of a name
  • Horizontal labels peel off
  • Printing on liner to direct the patient to sign the next line


  • HIPAA compliant (refer to HIPAA privacy tule, section 164.502)
  • Second sheet is a complete record of patients seen that day
  • Carbonless form
  • Special back printing to prevent show through on the liner
  • Stock and custom options available

Chain of Custody/ Drug Testing Form

The chain of custody process is used for accountability from the donor of the specimen To each person who had possession of the specimen. Following the proper protocol by documenting the custody and control ensures that the integrity of the sample is maintained during collection, transfer, analysis, reporting of results, and sample storage or disposal.

From the point of collection to storage or disposal, this multi-port form and labels track proper handling of the specimen. This provides documentation that the specimen was handled according to the federally mandated chain of custody and control procedures if ever any lab results are challenged.


  • Drug testing
  • DNA testing
  • Seed plantation testing
  • Water treatment testing


  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Forestry
  • Animal control
  • Water treatment plants
  • Drug testing facilities


  • Multi-port forms
  • Continuous and unit set
  • Bar code and human read numbers
  • Add-A-Label® or integrated adhesive labels for the cap of the specimen container
  • Offset printed up To 8 colors including 4cp
  • Multiple stock label options including tamper-evident and latex
  • Unique numbering available


  • Laser and digital compatible
  • Combines letter and card in one form
  • Card is more durable than paper cards

Forms for Laser Printer

Even though so much of today’s business is transacted “virtually,” you may still be in an industry that requires hard copy (paper) transactions. If you own a desktop laser printer, we can provide you with the pre-printed laser forms you use in your daily operation.

Laser Forms, Options, and Applications

  • Single Sheet Forms
  • Sets
  • NCR/Carbonless Forms
  • Bank Checks
  • Full-Color Process Printing
  • Multi-Color Printing
  • Coating
  • Marginal Printing

Forms for Impact Printer

Whether for shipping, invoicing, or inventory purposes, forms may be an essential part of your business operations. Many of our customers use their own impact printers to complete the many forms used throughout the day.

Impact Forms, Options, and Applications

  • Continuous Fed Labels (pinfeed)
  • Unit Sets
  • NCR/Carbonless Paper
  • Carbon Sheet Labels
  • Bank Checks
  • Numbering
  • Multi-Color Printing
  • Marginal Printing
  • Back-Side Printing
  • Perforations
  • Hole Punches

Custom Forms Samples