The printing professionals you can count on.

As is the case in most industries, there are many things going on behind the scenes that few are aware of, and in the world of Printing it’s no different.


When it comes to our business of industrial/ commercial/ specialty printing, we treat it as both an art and a science. Much like a Painter, mixing carefully her chosen watercolours, we use thoughtful experience to select and apply the many various inks used in a production run. Or as a Sculptor hones his chisel to ensure the exact expression on the face of his new mold, so also does our pressman sharpen the dies and tooling needed to etch a brass plate. These things aren’t “black & white” and can only be mastered through time and practice…


Yet as artistically sensitive as it was just explained, there is still a strong element of science working right along side. You want to order a “sticker” that can handle high temps. But does that mean 150 C? We could use a Mylar Polyester (UL Recognized) to handle that temperature, but a more inexpensive Polypropylene might just do the trick if the max temp is only 100 C. Ohh hotter still?? Then we’ll have to decide on whether Brass or Steel is a better value for this particular job. And what are the mounting requirements? RTS adhesives work very nice on Powder Coated surfaces, but if that fixture is going outside…


You see, we have the printing process mastered from all angles so that you don’t have to. Please give us a call and let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

The Custom Printing Experts

“The reason we’ve been a loyal customer to Consolidated Products for over 10 years is pretty simple. They’ve been a UL Recognized Label Supplier for as long as they’ve been around- and our products require that.”

Paul Storch
Summit Appliance Division,

Felix Storch, Inc.



“What we love most about CPC is how easy it is to work with them.  When our company gets new orders things can get pretty crazy.  I usually have 100 things on my mind and labels are never first on the list.  CPC helped us color code our different labels according to their UL® ratings, so now I can just call them on the phone and say ‘I need 10,000 of the black labels for our PA plant and 5,000 of the red labels for FL’ and just like that it gets done.  CPC then goes through all the appropriate channels at the UL Labelcenter on our behalf so that I can focus on getting our product out the door.  They’re a very important part of our supply chain.”

Dino Sanna
Plant Manager
Lloyd Industries