Speak to a live person each time you call.

As proud as we are of our knowledge and experience in the printing industry, what’s most important to us is the way we work with you. The “Ease of Doing Business” with us is one of our most attractive qualities (so say our customers!). When you call, a live voice will provide immediate assistance. When you email or fax, we will respond at once. If this is our first time working together, we will be in touch without delay in order to get a complete understanding of your needs- what your product/project requires and how to get it done with quality and value in mind.


No one has much time to spare anymore so for the sake of efficiency, we strive to eliminate as much back and forth as possible. Please consider the following things so that we can get right to business!


1. Will this item (you are looking to order) be applied by hand, by machine, or not at all? If so, onto what surface is this item going to be applied?


2. Is this item intended more for show or durability?


3.What conditions and elements will this item eventually be exposed to and for how long?


4. What kind of quantites are in your forecast?

Here's What They Have to Say...


“I just love dealing with CPC because they’re fast and friendly. Many of our requirements are pretty simple repeat kind of stuff, but even when there’s something new or complicated they’re on top of it in a flash with the same friendliness I’m used to getting from them. CPC is definitely our go to.”

Dean Quick
USAI, Inc.


“All I can tell you is that when I’m in a bind, CPC bends over backwards to make sure we have our labels ASAP. We recently had a mix up in our production facility when the Night Shift Supervisor failed to tell the Production Manager that he had “relieved him” of the last 5 rolls of labels. We needed to ship our product in 48hrs and NOTHING was leaving the plant without a label. I called CPC, the labels were printed and hand delivered the next morning. The rest is history. I know they can’t always come through with that kind of turnaround, but I’m definitely happy that they do when I’m in a serious jam!”

Mark Buehler
Purchasing Manager
Princeton Tec



“What we love most about CPC is how easy it is to work with them.  When our company gets new orders things can get pretty crazy.  I usually have 100 things on my mind and labels are never first on the list.  CPC helped us color code our different labels according to their UL® ratings, so now I can just call them on the phone and say ‘I need 10,000 of the black labels for our PA plant and 5,000 of the red labels for FL’ and just like that it gets done.  CPC then goes through all the appropriate channels at the UL Labelcenter on our behalf so that I can focus on getting our product out the door.  They’re a very important part of our supply chain.”

Dino Sanna
Plant Manager
Lloyd Industries



“CPC really helped out the ‘little guy’- me.  I needed a small quantity of very specialized labels in order to complete UL Certification and commence manufacturing.  CPC handled the transaction as if I were placing a million dollar order.  They created artwork exactly to my specs and printed and shipped high quality labels in record time. CPC could write the manual on Customer Service.  Thanks again!”

Roger Frantz
Studio Frantz